Destroy//Transmit. 007: Halloween Special

Not every track on this episode could be considered a Halloween-themed song, but it is all music lifted from films that could belong in a Halloween movie marathon. The majority of it comes form the eighties and steps on the cheesier side of horror, just because.

Happy Halloween!

01 Burn by The Cure
02 Why Was I Born by Iggy Pop
03 Have You Forgotten by The Del Fuegos
04 Intro/Opening Credits (Wait For The Rain) by David Alexander Hess
05 Partytime (ZombieVersion) by 45 Grave
06 Flesh To Flesh by Lamont
07 Killer Klowns (From Outer Space) by The Dickies
08 Go To Hell by Zooming On The Zoo
09 Who Feelin' It (Philip's Psycho Mix) by Tom Tom Club
10 Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMann
11 His Eyes by Pseudo Echo
12 He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) by Alice Cooper
13 No Escape by Norden Light
14 Romeo Romeo by Becca's
15 Run With Us by Lisa Lougheed
16 Win In The End by Mark Safan

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