D//E Playlist: Stream And Destroy Vol. 1

Stream And Destroy is the natural evolution of Destroying Existence. This start does not mean that that other series is obsolete or that there will never be another volume of it, and it does not mean that this new series is exclusively going to be comprised of tracks that we considered through the submissions process only. It most certainly moves us to Spotify though, and in fact this first volume is entirely compiled from submissions.

As usual we'll keep them short and sweet. Like we have previously expressed, we are very fond of our playlists and we treat them like mixtapes, so do not expect massive tracklists or any updates on these things.

Scandinavian duo, Pink Milk, will be releasing their full of personality debut album, Purple, on October 20th on Black Hair Records, and from what we've heard so far, we're certain it's going to be a keeper. Same goes for London-based, Greek producer, Plastic Flowers whose hazy blend of dreampop and shoegaze will be arriving in the form of a new full length next month via The Native Sound.

Sweden's Makeout Point draw influences from UK and more specifically C86 indie pop and apply them seamlessly into their own rendition of that enticing style, while Russia's Blankenberge dream up a very fuzzy shoegazing sound that involves some well strung together reverberating guitars and soothing vocals. Also from Sweden, Blod emerges as a truly promising indie/shoegaze act which on their latest single makes monotony sound better than ever.

We've been longtime fans of German post-rockers Collapse Under The Empire since the late 2000s, so following closely the singles that lead up to their upcoming album is a no-brainer round these parts. The Fallen Ones will be out on their own imprint Finaltune Records on October 20th.

Basement Revolver released their sophomore EP, Mountains, in July and earned some HypeM fame, alongside the appreciation the band is already receiving for their live performances. Marlon Brando Island's effectiveness as a hopeful indie rock act does not end with the wittiness of their name, and John Dominy's interesting combination of influences and styles comes up quite sweet on the ears.

Then there's La Bête Blooms whose vision of a pre-apocalyptic world has constantly provided us with solid and clever singles; Seeing Hands and their dreamlike/shoegazing characteristics that result to the band's popularity rising with each new piece for all the right reasons; and Rare Monk out of Portland who come forth with an entire full length's worth of quality material that is their debut.


01. Pink Milk - Kill 4 U
02. Plastic Flowers - Dalliance
03. Makeout Point - Indie Girlfriend
04. Blankenberge - Falling Stars
05. Blod - Arbetshäst
06. Collapse Under The Empire - The Forbidden Spark
07. Basement Revolver - Mountains
08. John Dominy - San Antone
09. Marlon Brando Island - Drunk Driving
10. La Bête Blooms - Saw You on the TV
11. Seeing Hands - Take Me Back
12. Rare Monk - Fissile Humans

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