Wy: You + I

The date until the release of the long awaited debut album by Sweden's Wy draws near. Okay will be out October 20th via Better Call Rob and Hybris, and You + I is the third single to surface off the upcoming LP.

"It's one of two love songs on the album. I usually have a hard time writing love songs, but I wanted to write about what it's like being a couple when both struggle with social anxiety. It' about being uncomfortable around every person except one, and being each others safety zone," singer Ebba reveals.

Carrying the same finesse and vibrancy that the duo has charmed us with from the beginning, and once again drenched in sweet wistfulness, You + I continues in the same route, as a fully characteristic and recognizable Wy song, at least for the ever growing fan base the band continues to build.

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