Sweaty Palms: Queer Fatwa

RIP Records Introduces, the monthly series that so far in 2017 has brought us such curiosities as the latest singles by Water From Your Eyes, Atlas Cedar and four more wonderful tracks, has recently unveiled its seventh installment which comes from Glasgow's post punk four-piece, Sweaty Palms.

Influenced by the genre's rich history and evoking memories of bands like The Fall and The Birthday Party, Sweaty Palms' sound emerges raw and raucous, stripping the angst-ridden characteristic of post punk back to its basics, while echoing dearly familiar and inviting like its kind did back in the genre's best days, the early eighties.

Queer Fatwa is the band's debut single, which borrows its title straight from a quote from Jon Ronson’s book, Them, a work that speaks about extremists of all kinds, but mainly focusing on one Islamist Militant leader who threatens to put a Queer Fatwa on the author. "The phrase is hysterical," the band explain the book's influence on them. "It's just not two words you imagine to see together. The rest of the song is loosely based around extremism, from Islamist militants to the dirty gringos of the western world."

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