Silver Liz: Him

Him is the latest single by Chicago-based husband-wife duo, Silver Liz since the completion of their upcoming debut album.

The expansive sound of Silver Liz as well as their venturous and daring writing becomes more intriguing with each release. In just over two minutes, Him puts forward Silver Liz's intriguing amalgamation of shoegaze, dreampop and even space/psychedelic rock at its finest form. Carried by the enticing vocals of Carrie Wagner and backed by Matt's beautiful, atmospheric textures his guitars and all around production create, the new song deals with "the feelings of existential weight and blissful nausea experienced during an unexpected 'love at first sight' encounter," and in so little time it manages to get its point across without overstating its case.

Fans of Beach House and Slowdive will certainly find something to hold on to the music of Silver Liz, and they should make sure to check back for the impending full length.

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