Drab Majesty: Oak Wood / Egress

Darkwave eccentric Drab Majesty will be releasing a new single comprised of two songs, Oak Wood b/w Egress, which will be available this weekend from Dais Records to coincide with the label's 10th Anniversary at The Regent in Los Angeles on Saturday. The single also arrives at the start of Drab Majesty's extensive North American headline tour which runs through October 13th.

Deb Demure, the mastermind behind Drab Majesty comments: "Oak Wood was a song received a couple of weeks following the Ghostship tragedy in Oakland. The Dais family lost one of its most beloved members, Cash Askew, and its song title is a literal translation of her last name; In Old Norse being Eiki (oak) Skogr (wood) thus making Oak Wood. I found the name to be symbolically poignant in light of the events and wanted this to be a tribute piece. The lyrics grapple with the existence of a god in a time of such utter sadness, hopelessness, and confusion."

About the B-side Demure continues: "Egress is meant to serve as a faint departure or daydream; spaces I often find myself drifting to as a means of escape when disturbing thoughts cyclically plague my brain. Side A confronts the issue and Side B acts as a mental respite. Making instrumental guitar pieces has always been an act of meditation and I hope if only for a brief moment, the listener can wander and lose themselves within the sonic imagery offered in this piece."

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