BLAK: Black Drips In The Sky – Overwhelming

Catalonian trio BLAK came to be in 2015 when the band formed to record a track for the short film, Vostok, by Miquel Casals. The union was proven too good to be limited to an one-off collaboration, and inevitably evolved into a full on heavy instrumental rock project, comprised of Eloi Casellas, Eloi Roca and Carles PD who quickly put their debut album into production, now released through Elusive Sound and titled Between Darkness And Light.

Although the genre's traditional tropes are present throughout the album's beautiful cinematic sounds, and even if there are certain acts and records one could parallel BLAK's music to, the outcome is still grabbing and captivating. Between Darkness And Light sounds more like a piece of work coming from a band with vast experience rather than a debut album, and its heaviness combined with its distinct classical and cinematic sway carries dreamlike notions, brings about all kinds of thrills and inspires.

If titles such as Walking Cloud And Deep Red Sky..., The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place or At The Soundless Dawn ring any bells, this is going to be a record you will thoroughly and repeatedly enjoy.


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