Amenra: Children Of The Eye

One of the darkest and most incredible music videos we've seen this year is ten minutes long, it gives off a somber indie horror movie vibe, and it comes courtesy of Belgian post metal greats Amenra who have been around creating a series of noteworthy records for almost two decades.

Mass VI involves two brilliant producers, Billy Anderson who recorded the album in the Belgian Ardennes, and Jack Shirley who mixed and mastered the entire thing.

The band's vocalist Colin Van Eeckhout had to say about the video:

"We hooked up with our longtime friends Wim Reygaert (responsible for Ra live visuals early 2000's) and Maximiliaan Dierickx (COR DVD 2009, 23.10 DVD, etc.)

The idea and effort was to visualise the everlasting fight we all have against invisible ennemies in life. Be it depression, loss, illness...

Cancers of the soul.
Life's pain.

The children of the eye never give up. They never go down without a fight.

A will. A way."

Pre-orders in Europe via Consouling Sounds
Pre-orders in the US via Neurot Recordings

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