All Pigs Must Die: Blood Wet Teeth

Blood Wet Teeth is the newest single by All Pigs Must Die from the band's upcoming album, Hostage Animal, which is due out October 27th via Southern Lord.

The band notes in a statement about their new work: "Hostage Animal is the most dynamic but efficient of our albums. The idea was to get to a wider spectrum without meandering along the way. We enjoy playing together and making music that is as heavy as possible. Getting that feeling like you're about to break apart when you are making violent music is something we chase after any time we are putting together new material."

The supergroup comprised of Kevin Baker (The Hope Conspiracy), Ben Koller (Converge), Matt Woods, and Adam Wentworth (both of Bloodhorse), and has now added Brian Izzi (Trap Them) on guitar, have released two great albums so far but have been away since 2013's Nothing Violates This NatureHostage Animal is produced once again by Kurt Ballou, just like APMD's previous two.


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