Sum Of R: Cobalt Powder

Swiss experimental outfit Sum Of R's albums don't come too often, but when they do, the impact is robust and notable. Four years after Lights On Water, the duo comprised of Reto Mäder (guitar, bass guitar, effects, organ, drums, electronics, synthesizer) and Fabio Costa (drums, effects, synthesizer) returns with its third full length, Orga, which will be out September 15th on Cyclic Law and Czar of Crickets / Czar of Revelations.

The beautiful flow of words in the upcoming album's press release describes the band's sound enthrallingly and with sheer excitement: "Orga is a voyage that lets its passenger immerse into mysterious mist, a mist that changes its form and density with every song to alternately draw melancholic, soothing, disturbing, bewildering as well as illustrious imagery. Once finding access the listener will enter into a self-contained dimension that speaks its own language: a wordless, organic language made of pieces of an orchestral wall of sound, raw-boned melodies and repetitive mantras, where spirit, body and instruments become one."

Off the upcoming Orga comes Cobalt Powder, an exemplary droning/ambient marvel which toys with what we know and love as post rock and post metal, further dramatizes it and distorts it beyond recognition, molding it into an amalgam of beauty, melancholy and ambience.

The vintage crash test car footage in the video coincides with the music's weightiness and adds even more bizarre magnetism to Sum Of R's adroit new accomplishment.

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