Parlour: Forgive Forget

In the recent past London via Hong-Kong artist, Angela Won-Yin Mak, has been a collaborator of various noteworthy acts like Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Whyte Horses, The Go! Team, Meilyr Jones and Prom. Her debut solo effort under the moniker Parlour sounds like a shoegazing battle between harshness and euphony, equally tough and fragile, and feels like an unyielding start of something grand and significant being developed.

In the artist's own words: "It's not pop music, you need to have longer than a 140 character attention span for it to resolve. It would feel dishonest to sing words that meant nothing to me, but the songs shouldn’t feel about me or contain ego, instead they should speak for themselves about being human. It would feel cheap to me to write music that hasn’t been carefully put together. But it should always retain some mystery, lightness of spontaneity and ultimately be enjoyable."

There is a dark and uncomplicated video that balances the song's fervency with accuracy, and it was directed by Angela herself, following her vision through to full realization.

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