Iron Monkey: OmegaMangler

9-13 is going to be the first album from UK sludge legends Iron Monkey in eighteen whole years. The group disbanded in 1999 after the passing of their original vocalist J.P. Morrow due to heart failure, but now they are back with a new line up which includes Chaos UK drummer, Brigga.

The new album will be following the legacy begun with Iron Monkey's self-titled full length from 1997, and continued with 1998's Our Problem and their brilliant split release with Church Of Misery released in 1999. The band's only other release so far came in 2002, three years after their dissolution, and it was a live compilation titled Ruined By Idiots: Live And Unleashed.

The first track that surfaces to prepare the world for Iron Monkey's new phase of absolute nihilism is OmegaMangler.

9-13 releases October 20th 2017 via Relapse Records.


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