Grave Pleasures: Be My Hiroshima

Another single and video off the upcoming album by Finnish post punk band, Grave Pleasures, has been unveiled, and everything about it so far suggests that Motherblood is going to be a worthy successor of the band's notable previous effort, Dreamcrash, and the excellent work of their former incarnation as Beastmilk.

Motherblood, which was recorded in an old WW2 coding bunker at Orgone Studios in the UK by Jaime Gomez Arellano (Ghost, Ulver and more), is due for release September 29th via Century Media.

The video for Be My Hiroshima is comprised of dark, arresting footage derived straight from the album's cover artwork. 

Vocalist Mat McNerney explains: "Be My Hiroshima is our love song for the apocalypse. The video is taken from our cover art by Tekla Vály. Images of Kali, the mother who sits on top of the cycle of life and death, birth and rebirth (and her consort Shiva who is the destroyer and transformer). As the dawn of man begins to draw to an end, it is her blood that we have shed, and like the sands of time it spills out. We are sacrificing our mother, and eating her flesh and drinking her blood. This is the eucharist which represents our extinction. Within her womb we are born and we are born to die there. It's an endless love affair with death. A love like motherblood."

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