Autobahn: The Moral Crossing

The Moral Crossing will be the sophomore full length by Leeds-based quintet, Autobahn, coming November 3rd on Felte in the US and on Tough Love Records for the rest of the world.

"Melancholy and darkness, and dissonant, uncomfortable music, resonates with us, for whatever reason. The new record is more melancholy than dissonant. I feel we're just opening up a bit more on this record," reveals Craig Johnson, the band's singer and main songwriter.

The album's title track, and the first sample we get to examine from Autobahn's new effort, hits hard like a combustible darkwave chant from the eighties, and throughout its six minutes of tenebrosity it becomes evident how the band is attempting to take their darkness a step further from their remarkable debut, Dissemble, from two years ago.

The existential and observational qualities in Autobahn's hyperactive kind of post punk expose a band ready to darkly shine among this genre's unduly emotional but still exciting tropes which their new single makes excellent use of.


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