Tau Cross: Pillar Of Fire

Out of the ashes of Amebix, Voivod and Misery, UK based, multinational punk/metal band, Tau Cross have just released their sophomore album which certifies their presence as one of the most intriguing and enigmatic entities in metal today, and verifies that their excellent debut in 2015 was not an one-off thing.

Pillar Of Fire is just as punk as it is metal, and it conceals as much folk rock as it does psychedelia. Not unlike their previous full length, the album's foundation on Amebix's crust-punk idiosyncrasy is apparent, while Michel "Away" Langevin's almost ritualistic drumming brings a lot of the metallic energy of Voivod into this strange and powerful amalgamation which often comes out as nearly supernatural and otherworldly.

The new album was recorded in three different countries and co-produced by bassist and frontman Rob "The Baron" Miller. A couple of videos are already out there, while the entire album is available to stream right below...


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