Shy, Low: Dialectics

After an essential lineup change which involved the addition of new bassist Shaun Reeves who brought a fresh breath to the band through his taste and skills, Richmond, VA's Shy, Low are about to follow their acclaimed full length, Hiraeth, with a new two-track EP titled Burning Day.

The new release marks a noticeable change in the band's direction, as their tone now appears in plain terms heavier, grungier and darker than ever before. Although comprised of just two pieces, the absorbingly titled Dialectics and Dissension, the EP required two years of the band's creativity and originated a more intense and mature mindset which may appear completely antithetical to the lightness of their previous effort, still, it displays the same attributes that established Shy, Low as one of the most competent unsung heroes of post rock today; and those traits include strength, determination and effectiveness.

"The authoritarian turn in politics, both domestic and abroad, echoes in both songs," the band explains about the sources that influenced their new EP. "Dialectics, Dissension and Burning Day speak to the violent expression of contradiction and the recent catapulting of tyrannical normative ideals, which once festered self-consciously beneath the surface, to the social fore."

Eight minutes of pure instrumental lyricism and intense heaviness await through the players below. Turn it up and listen closely...

Burning Day will be released at digital outlets worldwide on July 7th on Spartan Records.


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