Arthr: Balloon f/ Adam Callum

The adventures of musical entity Arthr, in real life Christian Balistrari, continues with a new single and video which feature the contribution of vocalist Adam Callum, whose lyrics for the new track, Balloon, pay tribute to his late brother.

The animated and much cinematic new video depicts the character of Arthr as he chases the mysterious red balloon with much zeal and persistence, only to realize that the best he needs to do is let it go.

Accompanied by a strong instrumental on its b-side, the orchestral influenced In Fragments, Arthr's new single is another firm move in the artist's profound vision, delivered via incredible visuals and the music's rich electronic textures, strong instrumentation, experimentation and poetic lyricism.

Watch and listen below...

Note that the first hundred pre-orders will get a limited edition Arthr figurine...

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