Acreatik: The Horror EP

Acreatik is the online collaborative project between Sydney's Milos Toth, San Francisco's Giv Parvaneh and Berlin's visual artist, Maziar Hashemi-nezhad. The intercontinental project has just released an six-song EP with the self-explanatory title, The Horror EP, inspired by B-grade horror and delivered in two parts, with the first, The Horror Constellation, focusing on classic horror and the second, The Andromeda Constellation, centering on the genre's sci-fi aspect.

Milos and Giv are responsible for the music who duplicated studios in their respective locations and took turns working on each track, while the EP's visual work is comprised of scans of physical collages made by Maziar after the music's completion.

The project plans to release the EP on vinyl in the near future.

Listen below...

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