Slowkiss: Pink Death

Coming from Santiago, Chile, Slowkiss is a four-piece indie rock band, prone to bringing together the noisiness of shoegaze and the airiness of dreampop with a more straightforward style of punk-rocking and post-grunge tension.

The band made some heads turn in 2015 with their debut EP, The Cliff, which they will be soon following with another one, Ultraviolet, recorded and mixed in Los Angeles.

From Pink Death, the newest single by Slowkiss, expect deft nineties indie rock vibes, tightly structured songwriting and some enthusiastic and skillful delivery. Whether it is Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies or The Breeders they will remind you most of, Slowkiss beyond any doubt make a heated impression with their freshness, vitality and confidence.

Listen below...

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