Sleepy Kitty: Nothing = You

Sleepy Kitty is a St. Louis based duo comprised of former Harvey Danger drummer Evan Sult and Paige Brubeck. The band's major influences come from tasteful sources, including sixties' pop, nineties' rock, garage punk and surf, with their rich and colorful sound coming up notably, playing its homages with potency and respect.

The duo got together in the early 2010's and by 2014 they had released two full length albums on Euclid Records. Last year the more grunge-tinted, Flux, came on, followed by the just released The Clean Hustle, an exclusive release for the Nordic territories which warms up the band for their upcoming album and tour in 2018.

Key track, Nothing = You, stands out not only for its enticing and witty title, but also because the song excites with its warm charm and traditional pop qualities, merging solid instrumentation and strong production with an accessible melody and reverb-heavy female vocals.

Listen below...


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