I'm Gonna Kick 'em Out! // Rare Performance Footage of Wayne Kramer's MC5

Brought to you straight from the source, i.e. the great Wayne Kramer, the world is treated to some new old footage of the legendary MC5 including remastered clips of the band's live performances from 1968 at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, the Tartar Field show from 1970, and a performance from a club in Paris from 1972.

The texts that follow the clips are Kramer's description lifted from his newly founded YouTube channel where he uploaded the videos.

A true fan favorite! In genuine Motor City fashion, here's the MC5 in an unparalleled afternoon of raw rock and roll as they kick out the jams to the backdrop of a busy Detroit highway. This is the finest quality ever found on the world wide web!

Recently discovered never-before-published close-up footage of Wayne Kramer & The MC5 performing in Chicago (at 00:30) during the Democratic National Convention 1968. Also, a quick shot of Phil Ochs (at 00:28). The original footage is roughly 30 minutes unedited. We have cut it down to under 5 minutes as a highlight reel. Synched to Wayne Kramer's original underscore musical compositions. August 25th, 1968.

Rare Performance Footage of Wayne Kramer's #MC5 Performing "Kick Out The Jams" and "Black To Comm" w/ Fred Smith in Sonic Smith suit. Unedited, original camera transfer. First-time ever published; Mastered, Unedited Audio. Wayne Kramer, Fred Smith, Rob Tyner, Dennis Machine Gun Thompson, Steev Moorhouse. ©Wayne Kramer 1972/2017

HT: Detroit Metro Times

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