Holy Golden: The Movie

Holy Golden is comprised of Leslie Schott and Andrew Valents. The duo is already responsible for two albums, their more impulsive and purifying 2014 debut, Fun Sucker, and last year's very consistent, Wax Castle, written and recorded during the duo's travels across the United States.

The recent opportunity the band had to reside in an isolated three hundred year old home in Newport, Rhode Island, and the place's charm in its architecture became a unique source of inspiration for their new work, an album and an EP which they began recording in the attic of their extraordinary home.

The Movie is part of the duo's upcoming EP, and it is paired with a beautiful cinematic music video, filmed in the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, directed and edited by Holy Golden themselves.

Both the song and its visual incite a surreal and vivid feel, as the song's ethereal dreampop sounds meet the video's rural backdrop and vintage filters in absolute harmony. The clip's wistful narrative distills its melancholy and the loneliness it conveys, and through its characters' separate but parallel adventures it converts longing into hope. It's thought provoking and it's open to interpretation, as it stimulates notions of something animating and cordially intimate.

Watch and listen below...


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