D//E Exclusive Premiere: Prudence: After the Moon

Prudence Rees-Lee's influences range from Anatolian rock and psychedelia to straightforward pop music and way beyond, including but not limited to acts like Turkish psych queen Selda Bağcan, experimental chanteuse Catherine Ribiero and Kate Bush, and extending through to 1970s European film and photography. In the last five years Prudence has been responsible for a couple of eccentric pop singles as well as a full length album. Her newest material, a voluptuous psychedelic piece titled After The Moon is being released today as a 7-inch single with B-side Fair Witness via Eastmint / GAGA Digi, and it streams for the first time ever below.

After the Moon is a psychedelic folk jewel recorded as a live jam at L.A.'s Basic Flowers, a cavernous warehouse in the city‘s core. It hints on progressive rock, psychedelia, pop, world and film music, while it examines all these dimensions like a brief but thrilling spiritual journey through sharp instrumentation and Prudence's fervent and melodious vocal delivery.

Listen below...

The single is limited to 30 copies, lathe cut in Los Angeles. Get it through Bandcamp.


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