D//E Exclusive Premiere: Idle Pilot: Lead Head Fred

The latest recording from Boston’s self proclaimed post-whatever outfit, Idle Pilot, is titled Lead Head Fred, and it is the second part of the upcoming 7-inch split release with Brooklyn's Think Tank, ready to be released on June 23rd via Head Vs. Heart Records.

Opposed to the band’s previous material which followed the post-hardcore and math-rock standards more closely, on their newest six-minute piece Idle Pilot appear more constrained and centered on their storytelling and mood creation qualities.

Switching that mood between somberness and agitation a couple of times, guitarist/singer Alex Miller’s prominent vocal performance shifts from cranky spoken word narration to amplified demented frenzy and back, supported by the correspondingly dim then frenzied instrumentation, chronicling the intriguing story as it reaches its peak.

Lead Head Fred streams for the first time ever right below...

Pre-orders through Bandcamp

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