D//E Exclusive Premiere: Born Days: Analogue

Chicago's Melissa Harris is a self-taught solo electronic artist who goes by the moniker Born Days under which she creates a type of dystopian electronic pop music, provoking notions which flirt with darkness and apocalyptic ambience.

Born Days does not hide her passion for vintage music equipment, and more specifically "synthesizers modeled in the late seventies and early eighties, drum machines from the early nineties, and the iconic sound of the Rhodes Wurlitzer, the Hammond organ, and the Mellotron." True to the nature of her DIY style and aesthetics, for her debut EP she arranged, performed, recorded, and produced everything in her homemade studio herself, while she put to great use what she taught herself throughout the process of creation.

Born Days' first EP, Be True is due out July 28th. Buoyant, dreamy, yet, fairly dark and uneasy, the first single off it is Analogue, and it streams for the first time right below...

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