Second Sleep: Motoboats

Second Sleep consists of Bruce Reed and TJ Burke, two East Coast musicians who relocated to Portland and started their band in 2014, for which they mention as major influences acts like Russian Circles, Mogwai and June of 44.

Although the music itself, being heavy, instrumental and leaning towards experimentation, surely classifies under the post rock label, the band refuses to play by the genre's rules and aspires to create something beyond the limitations of that certain tag.

"We decided to write concrete songs. I wanted to write parts that would mimic what vocals would do," co-founder and guitarist Bruce Reed explains.

The Red EP, the debut release by Second Sleep, on limited edition Cassette on boutique Portland-based indie imprint, Holiday Breath Records in June 2017, and part of it is Motoboats, the official video for which streams right below...

Turn it up...

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