Junius Karr: Don't Break Down The Door I'm Still Inside

Junius Karr has got ideas. With this just one debut EP he's released to the world so far, he has achieved to reveal more promise than most new acts around his age combined, and despite the enthusiastic but moderate appreciation he has received from parts of the press, it makes one wonder; how soon is this guy going to reach the super high levels of popularity? those now occupied by acts like Ariel Pink and Animal Collective.

From the intriguing/storytelling song titles, the rich musicianship and charming production, the self-consciousness in the EP's title, to the music video's fantastic cinematic visuals and its nihilistic rock star-y posture, Junius Karr's take on the inadequacies of the uneasy millenial generation sounds a feels like a washed out coming of age nightmare which could have belonged to any age and describe any generation.

Don't Break Down The Door I'm Still Inside is the second single off The Late Great Junius Karr. The song's somber but colorful video was directed by Ben Searles and Danyal Niazi.

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