Iuna Niva: Primordial Clave

With a wide range that covers the darkest aspects of electronica quite deftly, and with their sound varying between leftfield inclinations and full on ambiance, London-based duo comprised of F√ędor Shtern and Neva Leoncini have released their brief but pungent album as Iuna Niva on German experimental/electronica label, Noorden.

Primeval Guilt is comprised of seven beautiful dark entries. One of its standouts is Primordial Clave which murmurs and mutters for six and a half minutes, as its rich textures and multi-leveled layers of spine-chilling downtempo electronica are shifting amidst sadness and poignancy, awakening odd notions of earthiness, cultivation and existentialism.

Primeval Guilt is available as a limited run of 50 copies on cassette and digital.

Listen below...

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