Horace Bones: Stranger Danger

Emerging from Melbourne, Australia as a substantial new force in horror and psych punk, and mentioning among their influences the likes of The Cramps and The Birthday Party, the exquisitely energetic Horace Bones is a four-piece comprised of members Christian P Fish (drums), Caz (lead guitar), Dern Cockburn (bass) and Oisin Kelly (guitar/vocals).

The band had a great year in 2016 supporting their EP, Son Of The City, and they seem to be on the way to even more greatness and achievement, as they have just released a brand new single and plan to head on to Europe and return with another EP before the end of 2017.

Stranger Danger is a rude and crude killer single which in all its outlandish rock 'n' roll simplicity has the potency to stun and delight like the most fun summer horror flick.

Listen below...

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