Endon: Through The Mirror / Your Ghost Is Dead

Endon's catastrophic mixture of noise, power electronics and hardcore has been around for a decade. The band has released bunch of singles and EPs, a split with Boris, and a proper full length which now they have followed with their new album, Through The Mirror, which is already out is Japan through Daymare Recordings, but its European and American releases will be taken care through Hydra Head on June 2nd.

Directed by Ryo Fukuta, the video for the self-titled track with its sick black and white illustrations, is presented through imaginative animation as an unreal and chaotic six-minute nightmare. The song finds the Japanese destroyers shifting and twisting from hardcore punk disorder, to terrifying sludge madness, to even post metal lyricism and ultimate horror for the track's grand finale.

Their other video off the new album, the one for Your Ghost Is Dead, directed by Yohei Saito, is a simpler but more cinematic approach to Endon's ruinous mindset.

Both clips stream below...


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