D//E Playlist: Destroying Existence Vol.5

Shorter and sweeter than ever, the latest volume of our series of playlists fed by recent submissions we received, this time it features only a dozen of tracks, and it will continue to do so for the next volumes as well.

We figured that the less lengthy the playlists are, the weightier the entries' importance becomes, so here is it, the newest batch of some of the finest tracks by DIY underground and upcoming acts that came our way, covering shoegaze, dreampop, lo-fi, post-rock and whatnot...


01. Murmure - Après La Tempête
02. Finn Ryder - Ordinary
03. Bucolic - Ice Bugs
04. Midwife - Liar
05. Sky Between Leaves - Shell Beach
06. Atlas Cedar - In Hollywood
07. Kidsmoke - And Mine Alone
08. Flower Crown - Sunflowers
09. Swine Tax - Chronic
10. Bliss Nova - All That I'm Used To
11. Stillwave - Cradle
12. Outer Gods - By The Spider's Thread We Are Linked

D//E accepts submissions via Submithub


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