D//E Exclusive Premiere: Tinmouth: Coast

Tinmouth is a Philadelphia-based indie rock trio comprised of TimothyTebordo, Aaron Sternick, and Alyssa Shea. respectively on guitars and lead vocals, bass and drums, while all three members provide the harmonious backing vocals which correspond heart and soul with their lively sound.

Suggestive of the familiar noise rock swagger from the alternative rocking nineties, as well as the more colorful sounds of the paisley underground scene, Tinmouth's charm sounds as tasteful and mind-blowing as a hypothetical jam between Pixies and The Dream Syndicate.

Tinmouth's new album, Surprise Time, will be out on June 2nd. It's their sophomore full length, expected to be a step forward from their lo-fi directed origins, yet, candidly remindful of the band's more instinctive and rougher debut.

Coast is the second single off the upcoming Surprise Time. It's an exquisitely built and easily memorable indie rock number which vibes impressions of graceful jangle pop, garage rock and psychedelia, and sounds like it somehow escaped the mid-nineties and streams for the first time ever right below...

Check out Tinmouth live on the following dates:

​J​une 2 @ Ortlieb's Philadelphia, PA
June 3 @ Halyard's Brooklyn, NY
June 9 @ Pharmacy, Philadelphia, PA
June 10 @ TBA, Baltimore, MD
June 11 @ Bathtub Republic, Washington, DC

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