Succumb: Survival / Bedchambers

San Francisco label The Flenser has always attracted and supported the city's best talent. One of its most anticipated impending releases is the debut album by black/death metal punk up and comers, Succumb.

Succumb formed in 2014, put out their demo, Cloak, a little later and then were joined on drums by Harry Cantwell (Bosse-de-Nage, ex-Slough Feg). Prominent producer Jack Shirley recorded their self-titled debut which will be out May 5th.

What to expect here is a blackened sort of primitive death metal with a modern approach and punk posture. The couple of tracks the band has shared so far prove that we are in for one of the most strong and compelling debuts of the year.

Vocalist Cheri Musrasrik cites among her influences authors and poets like W.B. Yeats, Jean Genet and Emile Zola, something that seems confirmed through one of Succumb's strongest aspects - their sophisticated lyrics.

Listen to the two tracks off the upcoming album right below...


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