Stephen Verrall: Call For Help // Nova Seed

Everything tends to get shinier with time. Street signs, headlights, computer software, TV, movies and music, all have one thing in common: they all have gotten glossier based on the presumed notion that the more lustrous they become, the more attention they'll get.

Cartoons and animation have been one of the first victims of society's tendency towards hyper-illumination. Everything is in 3D now and with VR it all progressively steers to a situation in which cartoons will not look like cartoons anymore. Thank goodness, not everyone in the world is on board with the craziness, and one vivid exception is Nova Seed, a 2D animated feature, scheduled for release through Gorgon Pictures and House of Cool on March 28th. If you think that there was nothing wrong with how cartoons and animation were carrying on up until the nineties, Nova Seed is the film you should check out.

The film is comprised of 60,000 painstakingly hand-drawn frames, created and directed by first time director Nick Di Liberto and it's a sci-fi fantasy adventure which has already earned an award nomination for the Satoshi Kon Award at the Fantasia International Film Festival, after it has just completed its year-long run at festivals around the world, including its world premiere at TAAFI in Toronto, a US premiere at Fantastic Fest, and the European premiere at 14th Carrefour du CinĂ©ma d'Animation in Paris.

Canadian composer and instrumentalist, Stephen Verrall, has provided the film with its synth driven score which ranges from a more laid back ambient to spirited and super energetic synth/rock. The album is now released via Lakeshore Records.

Listen below...


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