Gruesome: Fragments Of Psyche

Californian brutes and old school death metal torch carriers, Gruesome, are continuing their crusade to keep the spirit of the legendary Death alive with a new extended play, comprised of a total of seven tracks of absolute savagery and brutality.

The main two tracks, that come on the 7-inch vinyl version of the release, are an original song and one cover. Fragments Of Psyche was written with the purpose to fit the sound of Death's Human era. In order to achieve more authenticity on their objective, the band got Sean Reinert (ex-Death, Cynic), Death's drummer on Human, to perform on the song. The second track is a new version of Death's Choke On It, from 1988's Leprosy, only Gruesome named their version of it Choke On It '91, because that's probably how they imagine the song would sound had it been recorded in the Human period.

The remaining five tracks that fill in the digital and CD releases are raw demos of some of Gruesome's earliest material.

Listen below.


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