D//E Playlist: Destroying Existence Vol.3

Destroying Existence Vol.3 is the latest installment in the series of playlists comprised from tracks by DIY underground and upcoming acts that were recently submitted to D//E.

This third volume includes some of the finest of those submissions and as usual it covers a range of alternative music subgenres like shoegaze, dreampop, lo-fi, post-rock and whatnot...

Listen below...


01. Funeral Advantage - CEOT7K
02. Jesus On Heroine - Aparthide
03. You're Jovian - Pieces
04. House Of Light - Naked In A Dream
05. Elider - Lift
06. Secret Knives - My Arpeggio
07. Battersby Takes Bronze - Spin Circle
08. L-space - So It Goes
09. Dressed In Lime - Might Be Stoned
10. Idle Youth - Gardens
11. Silver Rose - Take Me Home
12. Changelings - Fridge Buzz #2
13. The Asteroid Shop - On The Rise
14. Baltimore - Sunglasses
15. The Ghost Of Helags - Waking Up This Town
16. Seeing Hands - Love You Still
17. Joel Porter - St. Anthony
18. GallantHorn - Somehow I Manage To Always Disappear
19. No Results - Possible Ways
20. The Toy Garden - Is It Happiness, Or Just Relief

D//E accepts submissions via SubmitHub

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