White Hills: Attack Mode

Directed by the band's own bassist/vocalist Ego Sensation. White Hills have shared a new video for Attack Mode off their upcoming album, Stop Mute Defeat. The new album drops May 19th via Thrill Jockey and by the first looks and sounds of it, it seems like the band is continuing to stroll on the successful path they established with their last few albums, such as 2013's So You Are... So You'll Be and 2015's Walks For Motorists.

The video is a socially and politically charged work of art inspired by such prolific acts as Throbbing Gristle, Derek Jarman and William Burroughs.

Ego Sensation states: "Attack Mode is a song about the human condition. For all the progress we make and the lessons that history attempts to teach us, we continue to be dominated by our emotions and fear, re-infecting one another with anger, jealousy and apathy. We remain in a constant state of fight or flight - perpetual attack mode.

In the video, Dave W navigates an abandoned factory riddled with the corrupt forces of our world: misogyny, exploitation, greed, scheming, hostility, fanaticism and sensationalism. The video makes use of form to create metaphor. There is a constant zooming out, representing a need to gain perspective. Also, a layer of shadows covers the images expressing the clouding effect of emotions on the human psyche."

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