Syd.31: The Last Punks On Earth

Syd.31 began in 2012 by its originator's desire, frontman and producer Dr Margic, to mingle the love of hardcore punk, industrial metal, as well as pop music to create a bastardized version of angry electropunk. As a trio the band released two EPs on Manchester label, AnalogueTrash, which, after some lineup modification and a member addition, they are about to follow with their debut full length album.

The Last Punks On Earth is being released on March 17th and it features a grittier electronic punk sound than the band's previous club-oriented works. It draws fuel from and rebels against the world's current political and social instability while exhibiting the quartet at its punkiest form yet, like a dystopian version of Atari Teenage Riot consolidated with the anger of Discharge and the fashion sense of Mad Max.

The album's title track is the kind of fix you can headbang to, dance to or just go nuts about whatever way fits you best. When those ingenious industrial synths and samplings creep in next to the furious vocals, and the thin melodies pair with the rage, the nihilistic delusion of Syd.31's debut seems to be at its finest.

Listen below...


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