Sterile Jets: Fireside Drive

Drawing as much influence from art and literature, and people like Charles Bukowski, William S. Burroughs and Raymond Pettibon, as they do from music and such acts as The Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth and Black Flag, Southern California's noise rock trio, Sterile Jets, will release their new album, No Gods No Loss on May 4th.

The album was co-produced by the band and audio engineer Bil Lane. "We wanted the raw sound of a live show," lead guitarist and vocalist Robert Bly Moore says. "Except for the vocals, the album was recorded over a long weekend, with everything stripped down to the basics. We spent more time writing, arranging and refining the songs this time. Bil has a ton of expertise and a laid back attitude. He gave us the freedom to make the music sound how we wanted it to sound."

Fireside Drive, the upcoming album's first single, is a fine model of the band's playfulness in finding balance between melody and distortion, as it builds its course onto an erupting peak, on the way provoking resemblances to acts like Fugazi, Shellac and Hüsker Dü.

"The video is based almost entirely on a bunch of clips, movies, and psa's that are in the public domain," Moore describes. "I edited it down into a loose (ok very loose) story, that matched the building tension of the song. The song is about a girl (the band's bassist) B.ILL was really into, but when he found out she wasn't into him, the song (and video) took a darker turn."

Watch below...

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