Pontiak: Dialectic Of Ignorance

Recorded between January and October 2016, only a few months after Virginia's brothers Jennings, Van and Lain Carney had opened their own brewery, the new album by Pontiak has just come out and it sounds like a different, rather trippier approach to their psychedelic rock which has graced the world since 2006.

"There’s a definite dovetail between brewing and music," says guitarist and lead vocalist Van Carney. "Both are creative processes that are full of immediate possibility. In the studio you face logistical, technical and creative challenges that are constantly evolving; it’s on you as the creator to decide which path you want to take. Brewing is no different. There’s beauty and truth and goodness in all hardships, and it takes strength to see that. We learned that there’s limitless opportunity ahead if you’re ready to pursue it."

Dialectic Of Ignorance is that weighty kind of monster that keeps on growing on you after it has finished playing. It may sound fairly more slick than the three-year old Innocence, their previous full length effort, but by no means this translates to Pontiak having given up on heaviness. On the contrary, the psychoactive qualities of Dialectic Of Ignorance may be the heaviest thing you've heard in a while, and it's coming from a band which anyway favors change and adjustment. Still, the common factor in their over ten year old history, those brilliant hallucinatory soul-filling psychedelics, are once again present and steady as a rock.

The video for Ignorance Makes Me High features some jaw dropping mountain scenery which we're guessing is part of the Appalachian beauty of Virginia, shot by the band with the help of drones.


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