Oxbow: Cold & Well-Lit Place

It's hard to believe that extreme art rockers, Oxbow, a band which still sounds fresh and unique as ever, has been around doing its craft for almost thirty years. Oxbow have not released a full length since 2007's The Narcotic Story, but now the band has set their comeback with a much anticipated new record titled Thin Black Duke, scheduled to hit the shelves on May 5th 2017.

Thin Black Duke is Oxbow's seventh album and it is now emerging through a new video for the track Cold & Well-Lit Place directed by Chris Purdie. The album is the first new release to be out on Hydra Head since 2013.

"Certainly we all became increasingly aware that none of us are getting younger," guitarist Niko Wenner explains. "For this record I wanted to go even further in the way we always make recordings, as music that hangs together over an entire album, 'large scale coherence' if you will. I was inspired by pieces like Bach's Goldberg Variations and the formal technique in classical music where a small idea, a kernel, is reiterated, morphed, expanded and truncated, to make a piece of music permeated with the potent perfume of that small element."

Watch the video below, followed by the album trailer...


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