John Lydon On Conan // 9.3.2017

During the Obama administration, John Lydon officially became a proud American, and he did it because as he said, he believed in the previous president of the U.S., and that although Obama's healthcare plan did not work out perfectly, he recognized the potential.

All that and more can be heard on the latest episode of Conan, on which Lydon also talked about cartoons, Johnny Rotten, butter council ads and his upcoming book which collects lyrics and illustrations from the man's rich career.

Lydon has been a guest on Conan's show before. Here's one of the most memorable of his appearances which aired on April 11th 1994, during Late Night's first season, just three days after Kurt Cobain's sucide.

Lydon's book is limited to 1,000 copies and it comes out March 31st. There are still a few copies available to pre-order, but they're running out fast.


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