Full Of Hell: Deluminate

Over the last few years Full Of Hell have built a stellar reputation around their act and their brutal amalgam of hardcore punk, d-beat, noise and extreme metal. They have done an album with Merzbow, another with The Body, also they have collaborated on EPs with Code Orange Kids, The Guilt Øf…, Calm The Fire, Psywarfare and Nails, and they have toured quite extensively on the back of all that, so the band is no stranger to the base of extreme underground music. Yet their upcoming album, Trumpeting Ecstasy, from the first looks and sounds of it seems like it is going to break even more ground for the band.

Featuring a parade of impressive guest appearances that include Aaron Turner (Sumac/Old Man Gloom/Mamiffer/Isis), Nate Newton (Converge/Old Man Gloom), Andrew Nolan (Column Of Heaven/The Endless Blockade), Lee Buford (The Body) and Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger, the album is coming via Profound Lore on May 5th.

Two seconds short of a minute, Deluminate, the first sample off Trumpeting Ecstasy is genuine death metal bliss.

Listen below...


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