D//E Exclusive Premiere: Coutoux: Six Gills

Mixing up a crossbreed genre that is constructed on more than a few fundamental constituents, and which at first might seem impossible to pigeonhole, Coutoux reinvents himself, stepping away from the danceable dark EBM of his recent past, to an amalgam of gloom and darkness that is the beast of his new album, Hellicoprion.

With this reinvention of his music, Coutoux also challenges the analog customs and practices of black metal as he breathes some fresh fire into the genre through his digital soundscapes and his production's sharp harshness that heavily leans towards noisecore, while the agonizing slow-buring speeds bring forward the distinct thickness of a modern doom metal classic.

Today we present for the first time ever the eight-minute savage onslaught of Six Gills.

Hellicoprion is scheduled to be released on March 31st on digital and cassette via Kill All Music.


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