Chuck Berry RIP

The reason The Rolling Stones came to be is because in 1962 the two perpetrators behind the band, ex-classmates Jagger and Richards, met at a train station in Greater London and started a conversation that led to a great friendship and all the rest we know about. It is very probable that this wouldn't have happened if Mick wasn't carrying a Chuck Berry record under his arm.

From their days as The Quarrymen until they broke out to dominate the world, The Beatles kept doing more than a dozen Chuck Berry songs in their live shows, despite that they only recorded one of them for an official album, Roll Over Beethoven on With The Beatles.

The single two bands in rock 'n' roll history, considered to be the greatest of all time, both involve Chuck Berry as part of them coming to existence. Elvis Presley recorded numerous Chuck Berry songs and it was well known that he was a huge fan of his songwriting. In a similar manner every notorious artist in music is somehow connected to Chuck Berry and his innovative rock 'n' roll.

Chuck stopped releasing albums in 1979, but he kept touring extensively until 2014. He had a new studio album coming that would be his first one in 38 years. Chuck will be released posthumously sometime in 2017 and it will feature his children, Ingrid and Charles Berry Jr, as guest musicians.

He passed away aged 90 at his home in Missouri on March 18th 2017.

He wasn't the first artist ever to be included in the Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame for no reason.

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