Blue Movies: Caramel Dreams

Caramel Dreams is the first sample we get to hear from Blue Movies' upcoming self-released debut album, Disenchantment, which will be out on April 21st.

Wistful and enchanting like a sundown on the beach, Blue Movies' first single, the forlorn and beautiful song that is Caramel Dreams, it sounds like a perfect outset for the London band. Songwriters Mat Eric Hart and Tom Ball show a high level of skill and sincerity through their debut attempt, which surely brings to mind a lot of lo-fi and low-key acts, spanning from the mid-nineties until today, still, their effort comes out as mystifying and charming enough to first grab and then lock the listener's attention.

As those maudlin vocals work humbly and in absolute sync with the backdrop's blue soundscapes, Blue Movies' debut shines with elegance and deep humility.

Listen below...

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