Wedding: 18

18 is the lead single off Wedding's debut album, Mania Whatever which drops via Swedish label, Maternal Voice on March 23rd, following the band's notable self-titled EP from 2015.

Based in Manchester via Berlin where the project began, Wedding is a five-piece comprised of Thomas Craig, Rory Cook, Rich James, Joey Frances and An-Tim Nguyen. The financial and technical difficulties the band went through while crafting the album, not only didn't hold them back, but provided the inspiration to fall greater into their creativity and put together their debut full length for which they cite as influences acts like Spacemen 3, Big Star and the extravagant production style of Phil Spector.

Wedding's sound is made up of plentiful melancholic lo-fi overtones mingled with some glittering pop features and noisy fuzzed up guitars and it emerges as one of the genre's finest to watch at the moment.

Songwriter Thomas Craig says about this first single: "18 was the first song written for Wedding when I was still playing guitar in the London band Charles Howl. It was something I played in sound check when we toured Europe. It means a lot to me as the first song that helped me look back on and package away a pretty bleak period of bullying and abuse in school."

Listen below...

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