The Braves: All Through Paradise

After the fantastic preview that was the single Comedown Kid, Melbourne's The Braves are about to release their debut album, All Through Paradise, on February 11th via Spooky Records.

Although this invisible massive surge of energy, which indicates that this is a potent post-punk record, hits you from the first moment it kicks in and maintains its zing through its entirety, plus it's almost impossible not to call to mind The Birthday Party or The Cramps and more of the New York punk scene from the seventies while listening, it is evident that on each of the album's thirteen songs the band is challenging itself with different forms and styles and works everything towards creating something that may unavoidably sound like a pastiche of many different influences, yet it will emerge as something unique and intelligent which will have its own character.

The first time you get to listen to All Through Paradise the dark and ominous sound and gritty punk style are the elements that impress you the most. The second time around you get particularly excited about the compositions and the fascinating traditionally structured songwriting and by the third time you have already memorized large chunks of it and stand by in anticipation for those favorite parts of yours to drop. For every additional occasions you listen, you'll be probably discovering new bits and pieces that slipped through your attention all the previous times.

Here and there it moves rapidly, other times it burns slowly but consistently All Through Paradise is an exciting and stirring listen.

Appreciate it in its entirety right below...

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