IT was a black metal pioneer, a legend and respected figure among extreme music fans and creators, also one of the leaders within the Satanic Black Circle alongside members of Mayhem and Emperor. Born in Sweden in 1972, Tony Särkkä - his real name, formed Abruptum in 1989 together with All, which after some lineup changes and a long period of being disbanded is now run by Marduk guitarist, Evil.

IT was what was considered an "ally" with Mayhem's Euronymous and part of the roster of the latter's Deathlike Silence Productions label. Besides Abruprum his other black metal projects include Opthalamia, Vondur, Incision and he also contributed guest vocals to tracks by Dissection and Marduk. He was forced to leave the black metal scene once and for all after receiving threats about his family, connected to events that occurred in the Satanic Black Circle. He was involved later with an industrial band called 8th Sin and another Swedish black metal act, (Total) War, but that did not last very long.

It was announced on his Facebook page by his sister and manager that IT has passed away at the age of 45.

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