Girls in Synthesis: The Mound

Get ready to pick your jaws up off the floor after listening to the debut track by London's Girls In Synthesis who only came to be late in 2016, but they already have a killer double A-side single ready to be released.

The Mound/Disappear will be out on March 17th, recorded and mixed by the band themselves.

The trio's dynamic post-punk noise-making and consistent rhythm-pounding now come caught on record to accompany the already strong reputation the band has earned with their intense live shows filled with long periods of feedback and distortion and including dialogue cuts from sources like the UK government's Protect and Survive nuclear war video, Orson Welles speech from The Trial and the Heaven’s Gate 1997 mass suicide video.

Young, loud and (sub)cultural, Girls In Synthesis are off to hell of a start.

Turn it up and listen below...

Pre-order on iTunes

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